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Hidden Valley Field 2
Directions: From I-405, take the NE 8th St exit heading west. Turn right at the first street, 112th Ave NE. Go about 10 blocks, and the fields will be on your left.
Lights: None (no 8:30pm games)
Outfield: Need to measure.
Infield: Unknown (need to measure)
Foul Territory: tell me!
Backstop: tell me!
Infield: tell me!
Outfield: tell me!
Dugout: tell me!
Sun: Sun can be a problem for RF in late afternoon games as the Sun begins to set. It can also be an issue for batters during the times when the shadow from the West hill is half-way between home plate and the pitchers mound.
Rain: Hidden Valley tends to drain poorly, and gets rained out more often than most fields.
Area: Hidden Valley is located right near downtown Bellevue, and within close distance of a lot of restaurants.
Notes: HV2 has the shortest fence of all Bellevue fenced fields, and some games can turn into HR derbys. Those leagues with HR limits find they are spent early.
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